Author Guidelines

Manuscript Format

  1. Article written in English
  2. The manuscript is typed using Microsoft Word program on A4 paper, the minimum is 5000-8000 words in Cambria, size 12pt and 1 space.
  3. The manuscript format, please refer to the following instructions (Template):


The title should not exceed 15 words, it should be clear, concise, and informative. Abbreviations should be avoided.

Name of authors

First Author1, Next Author2 & Last Author3

1,2,3Author Adress

Abstract with keywords

The abstract has to be written within 250 words maximum. The abstract must contain research objectives, methods, results or findings, conclusion, and limitations (optional). (11 pt, single line spacing, 1 paragraph and justify). While the limit of keywords is 3-6 words


The introduction should contain (shortly and consecutively) a general background and a literature review (state of the art) as the basic of the brand new research question, statements of the brand new scientific article, main research problems, and the hypothesis. In the final part of the introduction, the purpose of the article writing should be stated. They should be represented in the literature review from previous research to show the brand new of the scientific article.


The research method explains how the research is conducted, including research design, data collection, research instrument, and analytic methods as well as reliability and validity of findings. This part should be narrated.

Results and Discussion

This part consists of the research results and researchers are discussed. The results obtained from the research have to be supported by sufficient data. The research results and the discovery must be the answers or the research hypothesis or research question stated previously in the introduction part.


This is the final part containing conclusions, limitations, and recommendations. The conclusions will be the answers to the hypothesis or research question, the research purposes, and the research discoveries. The conclusions should not contain only the repetition of the results and discussions. It should be the summary of the research results as the author expects in the research purposes or the hypothesis. Research limitations and recommendations contain deficiencies in the research and suggestions associated with further ideas from the research.


All the references that used in the article must be listed in this part. In this part, all the used references must be taken from primary sources (scientific journals and the least number is 80% from all the references) that were published in the last 7 years. Each article should have at least 25 references. 

  1. The manuscript is to be submitted directly by creating a user account as an author.
  2. All references mentioned should be written down in reference using American Psychological Association (APA) style and arranged from A to Z.
  3. Please check each referred article for accuracy and make sure every quoted work in the article is written in References. Works that are not cited but mentioned in References will be omitted by the editor.
  4. All manuscripts are anonymously studied by reviewers appointed by the editor according to their expertise. The author is given a chance to revise the manuscript based on the reviewer’s or the editor’s recommendation/advice. The decision of publication or rejection will be informed through an open journal system or the author’s email address.
  5. The editor has the right to modify and correct the spelling, writing, and grammar of the published manuscript.
  6. Everything related to citing permission or computer software usage in writing the manuscript or any other things related to copyright done by the author, along with all its legal consequences, becomes the author’s full responsibility.